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By diversifying into the provision of a subcontract dynamic balancing and straightening service, Hone-All Precision has noted a significant uptake for the service from industry sectors such as the automotive and rotor industries. This is because Hone-All is renowned for its quality, service and customer support and this reputation has immediately resulted in the company winning business from a range of industries. However, the key focus for Hone-All with these machines is the print & packaging sectors and the subcontractor would be delighted to demonstrate its services to interested companies.
Innovative Manufacturing Technology. Historically, A.T Roberts has been a benchmark in the roller, cylinder and tube market with product lines including bespoke steel and aluminium rollers manufactured to the exact demands of the end user. For specific applications these products can be coated with hard chrome plating, PTFE, rubber and even hard anodised to suit the application. With the rapid evolution of material technology, Hone-All will be producing carbon fibre rollers to deliver exceptional strength in load-bearing applications where the print/packaging machine demands lightweight and efficient rollers.
Hone-All Rolls Out a New Service for Roller Users... continued
Interview is Andrea Rodney - PES Magazine
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