Innovative Manufacturing Technology

Historically, A.T Roberts has been a benchmark in the roller, cylinder and tube market with product lines including bespoke steel and aluminium rollers manufactured to the exact demands of the end user. For specific applications these products can be coated with hard chrome plating, PTFE, rubber and even hard anodised to suit the application. With the rapid evolution of material technology, Hone-All will be producing carbon fibre rollers to deliver exceptional strength in load-bearing applications where the print/packaging machine demands lightweight and efficient rollers. Since taking the reins of the business, Hone-All has developed this area of the business and it is already generating considerable growth with more of industry becoming aware of its specialisation.

The material technology involved in roller production is a key element for print & packaging OEMs. With different rollers serving multiple purposes and rotating at speeds up to 1000 metres per minute, material selection and surface finish is a key consideration. To efficiently run at such high-speeds, the Hone-All Dynamic balancing machine and straightening press can guarantee the run-out and precision of rollers is maintained.

From a capacity perspective, Hone-All has the capability to produce rollers, cylinders and tube products up to 300mm diameter with lengths from 50mm to over 4m. This is available in quantities from one-offs to specified production batches.

"From a manufacturing perspective, each roller is either deep hole bored, honed and turned or in the case of tubing, it is precision machined and despatched. Hone-All has spent the last 20 years producing the highest quality tubular type components for all industries in all materials, working to tenths of microns on challenging parts that often include thin walled parts. So, customers can come to us in complete confidence," concludes Andrea Rodney



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Hone-All Rolls Out a New Service for Roller Users ... August 2015
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Hone-All Rolls Out a New Service for Roller Users ...




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